Australasia's Most Affordable Facebook Expert Manager.

The granddaddy of them all. The big Kahuna. The Godfather. Facebook has over 1.19 billion people on it.

I can help you hunt down your customers no matter where they are in the world. If they have a Facebook account and if they use it often, I will get your custom ads to them.

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Facebook Paid Ad Campaign Management Service: 


1. I will design and setup custom Facebook Video Ads (sent for approval) in three unique ten-day rotating campaigns focused on your desired Lead Generation. Example Real Estate buying, selling, investing and/or renting prospects:

       Sample FB Video Ad 1        Sample FB Video Ad 2        Sample FB Video Ad 3


2. These video ads - with desired music - will target Facebook users in a defined area who have 'not yet' interacted with your Facebook business page. Ads will only show if the resident is:

a. In your desired location (Eg. 1km -> 25kms)

b. In your desired client age range (Eg. 20-64)

c. In your desired education range (Eg. Completed year 10)

d. In your desired client avatar/persona. That is the user shows current interest in your products or services. Example: For Real Estate Offices, in the following:

       i. Buying properties

       ii. Selling properties

       iii. Renovating properties

       iv. Leasing properties

       v. Renting properties

       vi. Or are about to move

3. Finally, I will also setup so your Facebook ads do not show to your local competing offices.

4. In Summary, this A$79 per month No Contract service will Generate daily new:

       i. Facebook ‘Fresh’ Leads

       ii. Facebook Shares

       iii. Facebook Likes

       iv. Facebook Followers

       v. Facebook Saves


Even though I recommend the three rotating campaigns using 'Custom Audience Targeting', here are all the Advanced Facebook Marketing Services I can offer your business:

Custom Audience Targeting

Example: Target Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Renters, Landlords in your area who have an interest in buying, selling, investing, renting or leasing. Ads will incorporate images, slideshows or videos. All industries supported.

Custom Audiences

Do you have email addresses and/or phone numbers of current clients, old clients, purchased databases or prospects etc? as I can import that data to Facebook and create a custom audience campaign to only target those people when they visit Facebook!

Lookalike Audiences

Once we have your custom audience uploaded (see custom audiences above) we can then also create a Facebook 'lookalike' audience to also target new unique individuals with a custom lookalike audience targeting campaign. Very powerful Stuff. Example: I would target the closest 1% of the rest of the population in your area who match your uploaded data.

Audience Remarketing

This will serve ads on Facebook to those people who have already visited your site - following them around the internet. Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is very powerful and can easily 3X your ROI. For more information please click here.

Monthly Reports You Will Receive include:

  • Performance Report showing Results, Reach and Cost against Gender

  • Demographics Report by Gender and Age Range per campaign

Ready to be Setup? I make it easy with No Contracts or Setup Fees!

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