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  • Did you know there are now 4 Top Ad Spots on Google Search
  • Will Your PPC Agency Regularly Audit Your AdWords Account?
  • Why you need Google Adwords PPC with Organic SEO
  • Understanding Google AdWords
  • Avoid These Five Common Mistakes when Choosing a Google Adwords Management
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  • Did you know there are now 4 Top Ad Spots on Google Search

    Did you know that Google has just made a change to the way that desktop search results are displayed?

    This change - which will see Google show up to four ads above organic search results and remove text ads completely from the right side of desktop search results - is a net positive for paid desktop search (Adwords).

    It also means that the first 'organic' search result is pushed down a position resulting that on most desktop browsers people will only see the ads above the fold, meaning the need to scroll down the page to see the organic ads.

    Having a 4th top spot is great because the lower cost of position 4 that used to be on the right hand side is now on the top section of ads meaning a much better exposure for ad spot 4.

    The removed ads on the right were only generating 15% of click thrus across all of Google.

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    Will Your PPC Agency Regularly Audit Your AdWords Account?

    As someone who may soon employ the support of a PPC expert, you need to know if they will be auditing your account regularly, to ensure they are maximising your budget and ultimately increasing your ROI. But if you’re busy overseeing all marketing campaigns across your brand, where do you start when it comes to ensuring your PPC agency is doing a good job with your account?


    Use our checklist below to ensure you’re armed with some key information needed to help assess your future PPC agency and ensure they’re making the most of your account.


    Is your current PPC agency Regularly auditing your Google AdWords account?


    Things change. Your paid search priorities change. Your competitors’ tactics change. Google changes its guidelines and releases new features. Technology develops and advances. You’ll only stay competitive and relevant if you audit your AdWords account on a regular basis.


    Ask your agency: When was the last time you audited the account?


    The frequency at which you should audit your account will vary depending on the size of your account. But at the very least, a full scale audit should be conducted once a year. And for the very best results, you should expect your PPC agency to conduct checks much more regularly to identify missing opportunities.


    Structuring your AdWords account according to best practice?


    Google offers best practice guidelines for a reason. The structure of your account affects how simply and successfully you can optimise activity, control your budget, and report on results. In short, a broken-down, easy-to-follow structure can make your life easier and ensure your paid search tactics are more likely to succeed.


    Ask your agency: How has the account been structured, and why have you structured it in this way?


    Get to know the way in which your agency has structured the account and how granular their approach is. The more granular the approach, the more likely it is that you will be able to broaden your targeting options. With a more granular structure, it’s easier to push the keywords which are doing well, and reign in the underperformers.


    Targeting the right keywords for your brand and your budget?


    Creating a ‘quality’ keyword list doesn’t necessarily mean creating a lengthy list. Strong, relevant keywords should take precedence over generic keywords with high search volumes.  Relevant keywords bring in relevant clicks, which ultimately mean more conversions and less money wasted.


    Ask your agency: Have you considered search volume as well as CPCs when finalising the keywords we’re targeting?


    That way, you can be sure you can afford to bid on all the keywords you’ve chosen. Strong, relevant keywords should take precedence over generic keywords with high search volumes. Consider using competitor review tools to analyse how rival businesses are bidding on keywords and uncover new keyword opportunities.


    Considering match types and keyword targeting?


    Auditing and optimising your match types is crucial. Without control of your keyword targeting, you won’t have control of your budget. This is because clicks that come from irrelevant, non-targeted search queries are less likely to convert. Each different match type affords a greater degree of control over targeting (and therefore budget). Exact match offers the most control, followed by phrase match, modified broad match and broad match.


    Ask your agency: Are you using an equal balance of exact and phrase match or even broad match modifier to help us reach our customers?


    An equal measure will ensure you’re capturing all traffic. Using the Search Terms Report, you can regularly identify opportunities for keyword or negative expansion using the search queries that have come through on phrase to ensure spend is being maximised


    Looking into ways to improve Quality Score?


    Quality Score is a metric applied by Google to keywords. As the name suggests, the score applied is representative of a keyword’s quality. Quality Score affects Ad Rank and the amount you spend. Ad Rank is, nowadays, a complicated secret formula known only to Google itself. The only way to improve your Ad Rank is to increase your bid, or improve your quality score.


    Obviously, improving Quality Score is the cheaper option in the long run. Google rewards good Quality Scores by offering higher ad positions for cheaper clicks.


    Ask your agency: Have you created a strategy for improving Quality Score across our account?


    Ads and keywords need to be highly targeted to one another to maximise relevancy. This, in turn, helps increase Quality Score and reduce costs. For this reason, it’s important to think about relevancy from the beginning of your account auditing/setup process, and to continue to identify ways to improve Quality Score.


    These five questions are just the starting point when it comes to getting the most out of your Google AdWords account, so if you ask your PPC agency these fundamental questions and don’t get solid responses from them in good time, you may need to reassess if they’re the right agency for you.


    At Auspromotion we conduct regular behind the scene audits plus an account audit can be requested at any time.

    Why you need Google Adwords PPC with Organic SEO

    Did you know that research shows that even when you Rank #1 in the Organic Free Google search results a Google PPC or Pay Per Click Ad at the top improves traffic by 50%? If you Rank #5 or lower, a Google PPC ad can boost traffic by 96%! See


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    Whether you have an existing AdWords account or need myself - the owner and

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    structured campaign puts more money in your pocket because accurately

    targeted advertising leads to higher ad positions at a lower cost ... great

    news for your pocket.


    What we can offer you ...


    We know we can get you more traffic and that’s why we offer our services

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    For any and all types of questions, please contact myself, David G. Taylor

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    Understanding Google AdWords

    Hundreds of thousands of business owners and marketers are leveraging the advantage of AdWords ads solutions in Australia. If you too want to achieve measurable online marketing results, Google AdWords is the place to start with! With Google AdWords, you can get your website in front of your prospects/customers on Google:

    What’s more, with Google Adwords, you get equal opportunity. As there stands no minimum spends, or long term contracts, you find it easy to adjust it and most importantly, you get to measure your results accurately.

    Why AusPromotion for AdWords?

    As the owner I am a Google Certified Adwords Partner.

    There are many Google adwords management services in Australia, what makes myself stand out of crowd is the affordability, unique methodology and a dedication for your success in Real Estate. I will analyze your locality closely and then provide you the best PPC ads and keywords that would give you maximum ROI. I am a highly dedicated PPC expert that can design highly result oriented Google Adwords ads for your business.

    Benefits of working with AusPromotion for your Adwords includes:

    * Google Certified Adwords partner

    * Highly experienced Adwords professional

    * Flexible PPC budget system

    * Unique approach and methodology for PPC ads

    * Result oriented, measurable PPC campaigns

    * I manage over 250 Real Estate offices ads

    * And much much more ...

    Managing Google Adwords For You:

       I also have a robust, in-house Google AdWords management Process to ensure you get the best out of your Adwords campaign. The process:

    * Plans your campaigns around your business needs

    * Sticks to one goal per campaign

    * Picks the right keywords

    * Writes targeted ads

    * Designs targeted ad copy

    * Manages negative keyword insertion

    Benefits of our Google Adwords Management Service:

    * Unlimited keywords

    * Pay only for clicks

    * Drive more customers to your Website

    * No more wasting money on inefficient ads

    * Improve your ROI and Increase profit

    * Generate leads and/or sales faster with Google Adwords

    * 100% Result Focused

    Contact myself today for all your Google Adwords Management requirements!

    Avoid These Five Common Mistakes when Choosing a Google Adwords Management

    Here are 5 common mistakes almost ALL business owners make when choosing their first professional Google Adwords management agency. Make sure you don’t fall for these hidden traps as well.

    1. Some companies charge a percentage of your Ad-spend as their monthly management fee. Australasian Internet Promotions does not. Instead, we charge a flat monthly management fee. Charging a percentage of ad spend results in the management company continually pushing you to spend more and more on a daily basis.. to increase their cut. Australasian Internet Promotions charges a flat monthly fee that we guarantee to never increase. We also guarantee to beat any competitor’s monthly management fee by 10%.

    2. Many AdWords management companies place restrictions on the number of areas and number of keyword phrases they will manage for their management fee. Australasian Internet Promotions offers an unlimited number of areas and an unlimited number of keyword phrases to target with the daily capped budget we set up together.

    3. To protect their bottom line, many AdWords management companies will only take new clients on 6 or 12 month fixed contracts, and also charge you a one-off setup fee for starting up the Adwords account. Australasian Internet Promotions proudly offers a no contract monthly service with zero setup establishment fees (this won’t be matched).

    4. You may get calls from companies saying they are from Google and/or can manage their Google Adwords campaigns for you. Please note, Google Corporate does not individually contact businesses by phone to manage their Adwords campaigns. Many of these companies are not certified by Google. Australasian Internet Promotions has been Certified by Google as a Certified Adwords Partner and has managed over A$3,000,000 in client ad spend since 2008.

    5. Trust is a big factor you must consider when choosing a Adwords management service. This is why you should only use Adwords management services that offer a no contract service, so the results and trust built between you and the agency determine whether you’ll continue to use them. It keeps the power in YOUR hands. And that’s what I will do for you.

    To see some of my video testimonials, please visit