• 1 - I am getting these Google looking emails. What should I do ?

    A. Forward the emails to me at david @ auspromotion.com and I will verify to see if they are genuine or fake (phishing).
    Rule of Thumb:
    If you haven't heard from me it is probably a phishing email.

  • 2 - My ads are not showing ?

    A. The main cause for this is that you may have reached your daily advertising cap. Please test the search phrase(s) again the next morning and if they are still not showing, simply email me at david @ auspromotion.com.

    Rule of Thumb:
    Be patient ... 99% of the time they will be live again the next day due to hitting your daily cap with a good day of lead generation.

  • 3 - Can I add a backup credit card for Google Payments so my ads do not go offline ?

    A. Yes. Please ring through the secondary card number, name on card, expiry date and 3 or 4 security code. Alternatively, send two separate emails: Email i. Name on Card and Card Number; Email ii. Expiry Date and 3 or 4 digit pin code.

    Rule of Thumb:
    Highly recommended as Google do not warn clients before they try to charge. On the first decline they will temporarily suspend your Google advertising. Having a second card entered means they will attempt to bill your second card before suspending your advertising.

  • 4 - When are my ads scheduled to show ?

    A. By default, all accounts are set to 24 hour display. If you would like to set the time when you would like your ads to appear: Example from only 7am to 9pm, seven days a week.

    Rule of Thumb:
    Recommended to leave it set for 24 hour display as you do not really know when adults have the time to search Google for real estate related phrases.

  • 5 - Can I add more real estate related phrases for my area ?

    A. Yes of course, and at no extra charge. Please email me at david @ auspromotion.com with the list of suburbs/towns etc. plus the real estate phrases you want combined and added to your Google advertising account.

    Rule of Thumb:
    Always best to cover all your basis (keyword combinations) and as you only pay for actual leads or clicks you actually receive free branding from your Google ad impressions/displays.

  • 6 - Are you Certified by Google in Search Based Advertising ?

    A. Yes I have been since 2011.

  • 7 - Can you explain the Adwords Billing Cycle ?

    A. With the AdWords postpay billing cycle, you're charged every time your account costs reach your billing threshold or every 30 days, whichever comes first. Visit the AdWords help center article at:
    http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=6393&hl=en_US to learn more.

  • 8 - Can you explain how Google finalises billing if I cancel my service ?

    A. If we have recently stopped your AdWords service (e.g., by pausing all your campaigns or cancelling your account), please be aware that this notification only reflects charges for your last billing cycle. Unpaid costs between the end of the last billing cycle and your final service date will be billed at the end of the next billing cycle (within 60 days). Please contact me if you would like a copy of your 'Billing Summary'.

  • 9 - Tell me one good reason to use your service ?

    A. Did you know there are about 200 factors that go into determining a web site's ranking in the search results? This is why advertising directly with Google is the best way to capture genuine leads and not be left behind.

  • 10 - What does a Low Quality Adscore Mean ?

    A. Google's market research shows that low quality sites lead to a poor user experience, and unhappy users are less likely to click on AdWords ads. High quality sites lead to better user experience and a higher return on investment for advertisers.

    I encourage you to visit http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=46675&hl=en_AU for tips on improving landing page quality and increasing your Quality Score.

  • 11 - What are Low Traffic Keywords ?

    A. Keywords may temporarily stop entering the ad auction if they register very few Google property searches for a long period of time. These keywords are considered low-traffic keywords. Very little search traffic for a keyword could happen for a variety of reasons, including a lack of relevance to users' searches because of keyword obscurity, specificity, or a significant misspelling of the intended keyword. This state is only temporary, and these keywords will be reactivated automatically if we find that they could start delivering traffic.

    To see a more detailed explanation about low-traffic keywords, visit:


  • 12 - Do you have a Google Advertising Glossary of Terms ?

    This resource can be found at: