Google and Facebook Retargeting Ads
           Retargeting ads

Remarketing or Retargeting:

Sometimes we cannot take no for an answer. We have to be persistent to help people make the right choice.

With remarketing (or retargeting), I will ensure that your ads "follow" your ideal clients around the web once they visit your Facebook page or website.

Ads = Client Lead Generation
Remarketing = Client Lead Conversion

Our ads will stick with them long enough that they will start to have second thoughts about your offering.

Do not miss out on the backend marketing as normally 96% of all traffic leaving your website will never be seen again.

There are two leading Retargeting companies out there to covert those potentially lost leads into conversions. They are Google and Facebook.

Using my Google and Facebook Retargeting Ads Management services I would create a Retargeting Campaign for ads (text, image or video) to follow to them around after they have left your web site.

Depending on your budget and your preferences, I will create a monthly retargeting campaign on either or both Google and Facebook.

Contact Me Today if you would like more information on this no contract service.

All industries accepted with a recommended minimum Facebook or Google Retargeting ad spend cap of $5 each per day.